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Shillong Teer Result Today 16.7.2023 Check Live List

Shillong Teer Result Today 16.7.2023 | shillong teer result | shillong teer result today | shillong night teer result | shillong teer previous result | shillong teer result list | shillong morning teer result

Shillong Teer Result Today

Every day Shillong teer result for first round and second round is released by Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association at 4:00 PM and 4:50 PM. This result is declared in a two digit number. Keep refreshing this page for result updates.

Shillong Teer Result Today
Shillong Teer Result Today

Shillong Teer Result Today

First Round – 4:27 PMSecond Round – 5:24 PM

Shillong Teer Morning Result 2023

DateF/R (10.30 AM)S/R (11.30 AM)
8 July7761

Shillong Teer Previous Result

DateFirst RoundSecond Round

Shillong Teer Result

Shillong Teer is a popular archery-based lottery game played in Shillong, the capital city of the Indian state of Meghalaya. “Teer” means “arrow” in the local Khasi language. In this game, archers shoot arrows at a target, and the outcome of the game is determined by the number of arrows that hit the target.

Shillong Teer Result
Shillong Teer Result

The Shillong Teer Result refers to the announcement of the winning numbers or outcomes of the game. After the archery session is completed, the authorities count the number of arrows that hit the target. The results are then announced publicly, usually in two rounds: the first round and the second round. The numbers of arrows hitting the target in each round are used to determine the winning numbers.

The Shillong Teer Result is of interest to players and enthusiasts who have placed bets on the game. Players typically select a number or a combination of numbers and place bets on them. If their chosen number(s) match the winning numbers announced in the Shillong Teer Result, they win prizes according to the predetermined payout structure.

The Shillong Teer Result is often announced on the same day as the game, and it is commonly available through various sources such as local newspapers, online portals, and social media platforms.

Shillong Teer Result – FAQs.

What is Shillong Teer Result?

Teer players want to know about Shillong teer results as they predicted any two numbers between 0 to 99 and its result. That is the reason Shillong teer results are updated every day (except Sunday) at 3:55 PM and 4:55 PM.

How to play Shillong Teer?

To play Shillong teer result game today, you just have to book some random two digit number and wait for the final 1st round and 2nd round results.

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